Junction 20

Junction 20

A three piece rock combo playing covers as well as Owen Francis Black originals.

Owen Francis Black - Vocals and Guitar

Josh Payne - Bass

Josh Tiddy - Drums

And then with an almighty burst of energy, power and charismatic sound and performance, enters Junction 20. Fuelled with rich raw vocal melodies with lines of expression from all levels of emotion. Driven by power driven electric guitar playing that fluctuates from furious aggressive to intricate and accurately played guitar solos. Built on a solid and yet incredibly technically versatile bass guitar, that falls between solid pumping groves to elegantly instrumentally “rapid fire”of bass slapping, power and attitude a multitude of techniques rolled into one. And finally the one almighty element that fundamentally holds everything together, drums. Drums that we’re played like any aspiring drummer would wish to play like! With pure committed, stamina and fundamentally the true key elements that make an exception drummer in a bad...playing with complete dexterity and agility, listening, watching and responding with great sensitivity. Flying from full on solid groves to light intricate and sensitive phrases. This is what makes a drummer a good drummer, playing the instrument with all these elements. Which fundamentally compliments to a very solid and professional sound that Junction 20 play with confidence. This again just demonstrates the level in which young up and coming musicians in Somerset can get to and go beyond! ~ James Brooke, Young Somerset Rural Music Network